What is the 7th Inning Stretch?

The non-sports public may be wonder, just what is the seventh inning stretch? Before getting down to the nitty gritty it’s always a good idea to get into the why, and the when. That way, in the event someone else happens to be in the dark on the seventh inning stretch, they can receive the full 411. Especially so, when it comes to baseball, or sports in general, as fans can be heartless when it comes to passing knowledge of the game, and ridiculing those who are unfortunate enough to inquire.

Of course, we’re in it for the fun, baby. What you need to know before anything, is that baseball is surrounded by legend. It’s disputed on who even invented the game, in fact. The same also goes for who invented the seventh inning stretch. Some say it was President Taft, some say it was Harry Wright, manager of the Cincinnati Reds or “red stockings” as they were known as in 1869, when Wright penned a letter in which he stated fans just started stretching at that specific point of the game.

The point of game Wright was talking about was the time between the away team’s top half of the inning, and the home team’s bottom half of the inning.

Those who do not watch baseball, or even more importantly, have never been to a baseball game, may not understand exactly why fans would need to stretch. It’s simple, really. Sitting in the provided hardwood or plastic seating at a game for several hours is taxing. There are also other reasons, including but not limited to, food and bathroom breaks. Just as folks cannot sit for hours at a time, no matter how much they enjoy the game of baseball, they also cannot go without eating or drinking, and in the process, requiring restroom breaks after the fact.

It should also be noted, though it is tough to admit, baseball, as fun and exciting as it can be, is often times slow and uneventful. When the seventh inning stretch originated, whenever exactly it came about, this may have not been a common opinion, after all baseball is America’s pastime; however, with high octane entertainment like football, basketball, and hockey coming into their own, the modern fan may need an eye rest or two between innings to catch their bearings.

One thing is for sure, even if we don’t know when it came about, the seventh inning stretch is a welcome tradition to the game of tradition, baseball. Whether you’re resting your eyes and legs for a bit, heading down to the food stands, motioning over the peanut or soda vender, or just taking in the sights, that slice of time is beautiful, and is arguably as American as anything ever. It is high time everyone gets the chance to experience those moments at one time or another. In a roundabout way, and almost ironic way, it could just be the catalyst to becoming a fan of sports, or at the very least, a fan of the great American pastime, baseball.

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Getting Yourself to the World Series

When your major league baseball team finally makes it to the World Series, you’d better be there! You will surely want to watch and cheer on your team as they fight it out for the championship. So be sure you don’t miss the chance to go to the World Series when the chance arises – but where to start looking for tickets? Read on for tips to assist in finding some (legal) World Series tickets.

Talk to other people. Before searching online for World Series tickets, make sure you speak to people you know who may have some connections or know how to get tickets. Share these things with people you care about such as family and friends. Maybe someone you know is a season ticket holder or maybe someone you know has World Series tickets. Start contacting old friends from your address book to let them know you’re interested in getting to the World Series.

Try checking TicketMaster. For more information on upcoming events and ticket availability, visit the Ticketmaster web site. Check the site as early as possible, a few weeks beforehand, so that you know what day to go to the site to buy tickets before they sell out. Telephoning Ticketmaster on the same day the World Series tickets become available for purchase is another good idea. Call early for the best seating and have your credit card handy. True fans of baseball don’t even care how high ticket prices are. Most of the time they are so overcome with joy that their team made it all the way to the World Series.

Who gets what is determined by the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Each playoff series has a separate pool: the Division Series, the League Championship Series, and the World Series. The bonus pool is funded by 60 percent of the gate receipts for the first three games of the Division Series, the first four games of the League Championship Series, and the first four games of the World Series.

During the season, the players determine who will get a full share, partial share, or no share. Usually, players that have been with the team the entire year receive full shares. There have been cases where players join the team just prior to the trade deadline to be voted a full share. Athletic Trainers, equipment managers and clubhouse managers usually receive a partial, or no share.

Go ahead and try eBay. Online auction sites like eBay may be your last resort if you want to go to the World Series. If and when you find some, it is important that you buy from a seller who has an excellent feedback rating, or else your tickets may never show up.

As a last resort, (which we don’t recommend because…you know…illegal) try scalped tickets. You have to be pretty desperate to get into the game, but if so get to the stadium on the day and take the risk that someone will be there selling scalped tickets. If you do buy tickets from a scalper you are going to be much more than the usual price for a ticket. Also, there may be a chance that the ticket is fake, or even stolen. Selling scalped tickets is illegal.


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Legends of Baseball

A huge part of the popularity of baseball may be attributed to the many players who have come and elevated the quality of the game to new heights through the years. Below are some of the players which may be considered legends in the game.

Babe Ruth is perhaps the greatest baseball player to have ever walked the grounds of this Earth. He begin in 1914 with Red Sox before moving to the Yankees in 1919. Then he moved to the Boston Braves in 1935 before retiring the next year. He is the only player to hit 60 home runs in one season. All in all, he had 714 in his entire career.

Hank Aaron got a minimum of 30 home runs per season for 15 years. He actually has more home runs than Babe Ruth, he had 755. Many will contend that he is a better player than Babe Ruth but others will say that if there is anyone out there, it is Joe DiMaggio. DiMaggio holds the longest winning streak. He was hitting 56 games to victory. He was also a member of the all star in each year he played.

From the rule book of Cartwright, the first recorded baseball contest happened in 1846. The Knickerbocker Base Ball Club of New York City lost to the New York Baseball Club in Elysian Fields, New Jersey. Since then, more and more people took interest in the game and joined or formed teams. This motivated all these teams to come together and discuss the possibility of unifying their rules. By 1858, the National Association of Base Ball Players was formed. To gain funds, they made the fans pay if they want to watch the game but it was not a regular thing. They did it only when they needed money.

The great depression affected baseball too. A lot of players stopped playing and a lot of teams stopped operating. Union soldiers carried the sport through the end of the depression. By 1868, baseball was back on and over 100 teams joined in the annual competition.

There are many more players out there who may be considered the best ones and I’m sure that there are more waiting in the wings, for now these top 5 are the ones that will undoubtedly make the list.
Those baseball players that endeavor to break records and play extraordinary baseball week after week, will be seen from an alternate perspective by all levels of administration consistently. A baseball player that turns out to be dependable and skilled has an incredible future ahead in the realm of expert baseball, and through sustained execution, may in the long run achieve the point where they are within sight of breaking a longstanding record that will make them the envy of everybody on the field.

A few fans have been inspired to end up distinctly Major League Baseball players due to the occasions that they see on the field whenever during a baseball season. A kid could have huge dreams of unleashing his abilities on an opposing group and go ahead to consummate those gifts in the Minor Leagues or the baseball field at school. Headhunters find baseball ability in the most abnormal places and bring them into the crease during Spring Training.

Whenever during the baseball season, fans may find the opportunity to remember the past by attending ball games where legends and superstars man the bases and field positions for an all the more agreeable session of baseball. These diversions may settle some old scores that old clocks have held in for a long time, or they can demonstrate fans that the fun never has left the sport of baseball. The chance to see these old clocks in activity is an ideal occasion that fans will value until the end of time.

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Rules of Baseball

Baseball has long been known as America’s Pastime. However, you would be surprised to know just how many people fail to understand how the game is actually played. Well, today is your lucky day because I am going to teach you the rules of baseball.Baseball Games are played between two teams consisting of nine players each. Baseball is played outdoors in a grassy area called a baseball diamond. It is shaped in the form of a diamond consisting of four bases. The bases are white and they are called first, second, third and fourth base. Fourth base is normally called home base.

The Infielders have four players. They are named first, second, third base and shortstop. The shortstop player can be between first and second bases or second and third bases. Where ever this position is needed the shortstop can move to. The Shortstop really has the action spot in every game as a good Shortstop can stop many batters from ever reaching first base.

Then there are the safe-keepers which are called outfielders. There are three that protect every hit that passes beyond the three bases. Each one has their own duty. The left fielder protects second to third base. The center fielder catches anywhere from second base and beyond. The right fielder has first base. These players are the catch alls that gets all the balls that are sky high.

There are also additional players to the game. They are the pitcher, catcher and an Umpire. The Umpire is the one who has to determine if the player is safe or out. He resides behind the batter and also the catcher. He stays close by to determine if home runs are safe or out.

The name of the game is to hit the baseball, run to each base without the other team beating you to each base and tagging you out. To do this takes a little bit of strategy. Each player has three turns try to hit the ball. If you swing and you miss, it’s called a strike.  If you strike three times then you’re out and it’s another players turn.

Walk is an easy way to get to first base. This is accomplished by either the pitcher throwing the ball too high or too low so the batter is unable to swing at the ball or the ball is much too close or far away for the player to swing. Generally, this is a great way to move players from base to base but not as exciting.

Baseball Games contain nine innings and is a favorite past time for many. Stadiums are filled with foods such as hot dogs, hamburgers, and garlic fries. Beer, Soda and Wine are generally served as well. These days many upscale restaurants have opened up near the ballpark attracting much needed business. Some ball parks are not limited to just playing Baseball Games but because of their size are available for music concerts as well.This really is merely a limited overview of the foundations of baseball. In case you are still mixed up and you really want to learn the way the game is played then it’d probably be to your advantage to go out and try actively playing the game by yourself. After all, the simplest way to master something is usually to go about doing it first.

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History of Baseball

No one can tell for sure how baseball grew to be the game it is and whether it was created or just developed from other sports. It used to be thought that a man called Abner Doubleday simulated baseball in 1839 when he was a cadet in the US Army Academy, West Point, and that he set out the first baseball field at Cooperstown, in New York. For quite a few years it has been known that this is not so, but baseball officials have given Abner Doubleday credit for inventing baseball, and have established the National Baseball Museum in Cooperstown. Anyway, it is a nice story, and we can enjoy visiting Cooperstown and seeing the National Baseball Museum there. Inside the museum are many treasured bats and balls and gloves and other things that once belonged to famous baseball players. If you play baseball, you probably began by throwing a ball back and forth with a playmate-playing “catch.”

A little later you began to hit the ball with a bat. Then you started to run to a base and back. Probably that is how baseball itself began in the early days of the American colonies before the United States became an independent country. The game of cricket was also brought over to the colonies from England. (You can read about cricket in a separate article.) And some of the early colonists remembered a game played in the English towns called rounders. In this game, the players had to run around stakes driven into the ground to score runs. The first game that really began to look like baseball was called town ball. It was played in the larger towns and cities of the United States at the beginning of the 19th century. At that time boys who lived in the country could not always get enough friends to play a large game.

Whenever a few boys got together, they played what they called one old cat. In this game the batter, after hitting the ball, ran to a base and then scored by running back to home, the place he had started from. When more boys played, the game was called two old cat because there were two bases instead of one. Town ball had enough players so that three bases, plus home, could be used. In all these early games the scoring was the same. The batter who got back to the home base, whether from one, two, or three other bases, scored a run, and the team that scored the most runs was the winner. It seems most likely that a man named Alexander Cartwright laid out the first real baseball field in 1846, in Hoboken, New Jersey. The game became more and more known, and during the Civil War, it was played in many army camps. When the Civil War was over, baseball soon became the national game of the United States. The rules that govern baseball have been changed from time to time, but the game is basically the same that our great grandfathers played and watched.

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The First Pitch

We are working on some really great stuff for you guys.  To keep you entertained while you’re waiting on us, take a look at this video with 30 amazing plays from the 2015 baseball season!