Rules of Baseball

Baseball has long been known as America’s Pastime. However, you would be surprised to know just how many people fail to understand how the game is actually played. Well, today is your lucky day because I am going to teach you the rules of baseball.Baseball Games are played between two teams consisting of nine players each. Baseball is played outdoors in a grassy area called a baseball diamond. It is shaped in the form of a diamond consisting of four bases. The bases are white and they are called first, second, third and fourth base. Fourth base is normally called home base.

The Infielders have four players. They are named first, second, third base and shortstop. The shortstop player can be between first and second bases or second and third bases. Where ever this position is needed the shortstop can move to. The Shortstop really has the action spot in every game as a good Shortstop can stop many batters from ever reaching first base.

Then there are the safe-keepers which are called outfielders. There are three that protect every hit that passes beyond the three bases. Each one has their own duty. The left fielder protects second to third base. The center fielder catches anywhere from second base and beyond. The right fielder has first base. These players are the catch alls that gets all the balls that are sky high.

There are also additional players to the game. They are the pitcher, catcher and an Umpire. The Umpire is the one who has to determine if the player is safe or out. He resides behind the batter and also the catcher. He stays close by to determine if home runs are safe or out.

The name of the game is to hit the baseball, run to each base without the other team beating you to each base and tagging you out. To do this takes a little bit of strategy. Each player has three turns try to hit the ball. If you swing and you miss, it’s called a strike.  If you strike three times then you’re out and it’s another players turn.

Walk is an easy way to get to first base. This is accomplished by either the pitcher throwing the ball too high or too low so the batter is unable to swing at the ball or the ball is much too close or far away for the player to swing. Generally, this is a great way to move players from base to base but not as exciting.

Baseball Games contain nine innings and is a favorite past time for many. Stadiums are filled with foods such as hot dogs, hamburgers, and garlic fries. Beer, Soda and Wine are generally served as well. These days many upscale restaurants have opened up near the ballpark attracting much needed business. Some ball parks are not limited to just playing Baseball Games but because of their size are available for music concerts as well.This really is merely a limited overview of the foundations of baseball. In case you are still mixed up and you really want to learn the way the game is played then it’d probably be to your advantage to go out and try actively playing the game by yourself. After all, the simplest way to master something is usually to go about doing it first.

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